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A magnificent example of a WW1 British private purchase Brodie helmet, with ‘mortar-board’ liner, cover and attached Regimental badge.

Helmet is complete and in damage free condition.

The liner is of the type typically used by military outfitters of the period to make the helmet ‘comfortable’ for wear by the use of a ‘mortar-board’ style liner, typically used in the manufacture of University graduation head wear.

Liner is grubby showing ‘moderate’ wear, being damage/moth free.

All ‘cushion pads’ are present and housed in khaki heavy canvas material, in keeping with its military use.

Chin strap is in matching condition (which I have treated), it being a little brittle, complete with buckle assembly, as is common to such helmets.

The helmet shell in damage free with one shallow dent to the central crown, and is covered by the higher quality ‘tight weave sacking’ material, again typical of this type of private purchase item.

Attached to the front of the cover is a Loyal North Lancashire Regt. cap badge, now heavily tarnished with age. (It is difficult to determine if the badge is an other ranks bi-metal or an OSD bronze).

The cover is ‘stuck’ to most parts of the crown of the helmet with rust, which has bled through, showing as an ‘orangey/brown’ staining to the cover. (The cover in its day I would say was of a mid khaki colour (typical of the colour of period cap covers) now bleached ‘off white’ where not stained by rusting. The actual colour is shown at its best in the close up image of the cap badge)

The helmet rim is with rust staining also, with wear and a couple of areas of holing/splitting. To the crown of the helmet cover their is also some minor holing where the liner fitting rivet has worn a hole on the outer cover.

On viewing the underside of the rim, under the cover rim the original khaki/green finish of the helmet is visible.

The rust staining is due to original use and storage over the years.

The helmet liner may have had a silk upper ‘cover’, something common to such helmet liners, I see no evidence of one ever fitted, it may however be missing in its entirety.

(This item is part of the collection I have mentioned in the past I’m buying ‘bit by bit’ as the owner decides to release items due to his age. It was purchased by him, some time in the 1960’s, and has never been on the market in the interim period).

A Magnificent, rare item !


(Postage is subject to change/additional charge depending on destination/insurance requirements, and, IMPORTANT, this item is available for purchase via BANK TRANSFER only I cannot absorb the high CC charges).