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A magnificent example of an Allgemeine SS enlisted mans peaked service cap, post 1936 being circa 1937/38.

Cap is with genuine wear and is in excellent overall condition, being damage free and with very, very minor moth nipping (see description below & images).

Cap material is of whip cord material, to crown and centre band. The three rows of white piping are of correct wool mounted on cane backing. The cap is of typical ‘high saddle’ front.

Double buckle leather chin band with correct centre loop, mounted on the cap with black domed buttons.

Black patent peak is in matching stunning condition, showing very minimal age crazing.

Nickel finished (second pattern larger eagle) is with some age tarnishing, with the matching vintage centre skull now appearing black in finish. Both item have been in situ for the life of the cap being untouched in any way…..(no multiple puncture marks for the fitting pins).

The interior head band shows wear in keeping with the cap, but is damage free, with head sweat staining only. (One of the chin band buttons fitting pins has punctured the band (see images).

Low grade oil skin liner as is common, is in damage free condition with good clear SS centre marking and size ‘54’, maker detail stamping is now a little faint.  The celluloid central inner crown diamond is absent. (See images).

SS RZM Tuchmutze label is complete and damage free under the leather sweat band (see images). The underside of the peak is also SS marked (see images).

There are two very small areas of moth nipping to the the crown white piping left as worn (see images) along with two very small stains. One very small moth nip to the cap crown (bottom right when viewing the cap from above from the rear, marked with a yellow arrow in images).

Generally, the cap is in stunning untouched condition, which would be hard to better !

An item of some rarity not now often encountered in this condition!

(This was originally a veteran bring back and as such has not been through many dealer/collector hands).

Just one of a number of ‘rarer’ items to be site listed over the coming weeks !

(Postal dispatch given the item value should be discussed !)