Something of a rarity British inter war issued/refurbished helmets….Many ‘left-overs’ from WW1 of which there were ‘many’ went into the ‘melting pot’ to be issued as the ‘new pre-war’(WW2) pattern helmet and liner.

Many re-issued Brodie helmets worn by the regular pre-war British army would also have been lost in the early unsuccessful campaigns of WW2, most notably the Dunkirk operation.

The helmet:- A standard ‘B’ pattern helmet shell, with its original sand textured finish. It has been period over painted, covering the ‘light green’ khaki with a ‘mid brown’ khaki. The liner is somewhat unique, being a cross between the WW1 Brodie 2nd pattern version and the WW2 modification. A Black oilskin head band, on a sacking backing, with a sponge/foam crown cushion.

Leather chin band is as per the WW1 helmet, again being period replaced as part of the refurbishment. To the front and rear of the helmet are stencilled ‘Officer pips (2)’ for the serving rank of Lieutenant.

The helmet is damage free and in excellent overall condition.

Perhaps I have lead a ‘sheltered life’, but I have seen only two other examples of  inter-war refurbished helmets in their original military livery….This ‘type’ of helmet is more usually encountered as a British home front/home services re-issued item.

Under-brim of the helmet is marked (Reversed) C/F 70 (see images).

A rare original military helmet, making for a superb addition to ‘that’ pre WW2 display !