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  • ‘ACTION’ NEWSPAPER No:- 194 November 16th 1939

    British Union of Fascists ’Action, Britain First’ news paper. One of the news papers issued by the British Union of Fascists (Action had the highest readership of all the British Fascist papers). Issue No. 194 November 16th, 1939. Headline:- ‘Press Wrecks Peace’. B.U. speaks out against peace overtones and the British press’s stance to press on with the war. Eight page news paper in good


    I have owned this badge for over 25 years. It came to me via a house clearance company that I used to buy from. I have, on and off researched and researched what this badge is for the entire time I have owned it. I have had apocryphal information as to what it is or for that matter is not, over all this time. My own