Professor Peter Doyle’s latest work.

05/04/21 Peter Doyle is as you read this in the final stages of releasing his latest book ‘FOR EVERY SAILOR AFLOAT FOR EVERY SOLIDER AT THE FRONT Princess Mary’s Christmas Gift 1914’; I believe when its received it will be a classic in its field……..It wasn’t initially ‘quite’ the book Peter intended to write.

Peter and I go back a long way, I first knew him when he was Mr. Doyle, we being thrown together in a common interest. Its fair to say he was first a customer of mine that turned the corner into a mutual friendship.

Having followed his path toward his Professorship I always showed interest in his writing projects when we met on occasions, related to the cut and thrust of our hobby.

Going back many, many months, long before the pandemic lockdown, we met at are ‘usual offices’ he buying an item related to the Princess Mary range of gifts, I asked my usual question ‘whats the next project’…..His reply  ‘a little (I think that was the term he used) book on the Princess Mary gift fund’, that he intended to produce in a few months.

Knowing his writing ability and the nature of his research I suggested there and then that instead of a ‘little’ book, he had the opportunity to write a pretty definitive account if he wished to.

He went home gave it some thought and before he could say ‘bullet pencil’ he was knee deep in research and a long way off a completed, complete work.

Many, many months of hard work and research, the support of his family, have paid dividends in terms of a work that most interested in the period, and the subject matter in particular will now use as a reference. Its release I believe is for later this year, 2021.

Its a stunning work of academia that I fully recommend; Professor Doyle will not disappoint with this one !

Please take a look at the link below, for Peter to explain the book in his own words, via a small video.

Peter’s web site is:-

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