As of the end of February 2019 the world of militaria collecting (in the UK at least) started to change due to Covid; with weekend fairs being banned, not there any more.

Militaria collecting, went ‘fully’ on-line !

Web site activity for site owners picked up and with it increased sales via on-line auctions as well as auction houses whose business in turn was driven fully on-line with the closure of ‘live to attend’ auctions.

From what I can see it’s the varying types of auctions that have ‘romped on’ with prices reaching all time highs plus fairly substantial buyers fees.

When what ever the new normality in the world of collecting returns and ‘we’ can get out again, what of prices. I cant see the prices paid voluntarily by buyers at auction seen at the weekend fair, the collector and seller will see said prices for what they are. Or will they ?

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