Speaking as a web site owner and someone that does/did business regularly with European collectors I always had my suspicions as to how Brexit would impact the European collector when dealing with British sellers.

I have many European collector friends that were as sceptical as myself as to any benefit……either way.

Now its here. Its early days, but for me not one European sale since 1 January, and having spoken to a couple of friends, they have no intention of attempting to travel to the UK to attend the larger UK Fairs’s, when they are back on (some of this driven by Covid of course) even when times ‘improve’. Its proving to be too expensive a journey.

I have also heard that taxes are now being levied on purchases both ways., ie. sales to Europe and vice-versa

So yes, early days but a destructive change. Will it be the new norm, or will it settle back to border free trade/collecting ?

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