Mons Military Antiques has for many years been trading in 20th Century militaria, via militaria fairs, mail order and most recently via the Internet. It has in this time formed a respected place within the World market, for honesty, reliability and the supply of good untouched items, on a friendly basis.

I strive to keep standards high in all area’s of sales and client interaction; with a particularly high priority in the offering of original items only.

I also try to offer items to suit all levels of collecting, from the junior to advanced (junior collectors are most welcome to contact me for help and advice); with the same level of service afforded all types / level of buyer.

Mons Military Antiques success over its years of trading is in no small part due to my parents (especially my fathers) support and encouragement, and as such I would like to thank my ‘Pops‘, Raymond Archer, for that unflinching support, help and guidance.