Where did the Mons Military Antiques ‘story’ begin ?
Like many that truly have an interest in military history and the artefacts there in, long before Mons’ became a trading name, a 13 year old boy, already with an interest in military history, bought his first collectable; a tailor made WW1 British medal ribbon trio, mounted on the tailors card, for 50p.
With that ‘acorn’ it all began.
My interest grew, and with a young lads pocket money income, I started my journey into the world of collecting 20th century militaria.
It faltered when ‘girls’ came along and faltered further when a wife & family came along, but all the while bubbling under, never fully leaving me, with gradual additions to a modest collection.
Then, suddenly on buying a ‘batch of items’, several pieces become surplus to needs and were sold on, with a modest profit, all this still a hobby along side life. With an increase in this activity I started a very, very small trading base, using surplus to collection items to trade or sell on. Like a rolling snow ball this grew until it was time to do my first specialist militaria show with the surplus items I had. To reach customers geographically further away from me I started sales lists, and a couple of years later, took on my first web-site incarnation.

Moving on from my professional life (which I fully retired from), I turned the small militaria venture into a slightly larger one; never wishing to ‘conquer’ the world,  but in turn reaching out to a wider customer base and making friends and colleagues within the business, making a new living.
Now 30 years on, still keeping my feet on the ground and still doing things in a ‘modest’ but professional way Mons’ has a world wide customer base, in which the junior collector with 50p in his pocket (just as I was) is treated with the same respect as the advanced collector. As such ‘most’ now consider me to be an approachable helpful soul within the industry and military history areas of interest.
I’ve never (from the beginning) wished to associate myself with those that consider themselves, ‘high, mighty and knowing all’, there world of militaria is not mine, and never will be. That said, very good friendships have been forged and sadly people ‘lost’ along that 30 year journey.
My father bless him supported me from the word go.
So ‘we’ move onto the next, however many years and the ‘treasures’ that we love.
To those that have been my ‘constant companions (old and new) in militaria’ in past years, both professionally and in friendship, here’s to the future !