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Stop press!

July 2021

The return to the ‘new normal’ daily life in the UK starts this month. According to the British government, Covid ‘ends’ on the 19th.


Daily up-date:- 31/07/21  


Next post out Sat 31st.


Covid, despite the ‘controls’ placed upon it in the UK still has the ‘ability’ too, and is ‘causing problems’. ‘Responsible living’ are now the watch words, with pretty much all movement/interaction restrictions lifted. As a continuing civic duty, as well as reducing personal infection risk, site post dispatch is twice weekly. Orders can be made in the usual manner; they will be reserved and dispatched in the next due post out. I will keep site viewers/buyers fully informed as to all post dispatch via this message board. As a summary, post is flowing well, without any delay.

The past 18 months has been exceptional (for the wrong reasons), with sadly the ‘problems’ (and on the positive, solutions) that go with it. Thanks to all, for the continued personal support/support for Mons’ over these months.

PAYING BY UK CHEQUE:- Please make sure you make cheques payable to MONS MILITARY ANTIQUES, not me personally.

Easy payment is an option on more costly (multiple) items. Contact me via e-Mail to discuss a purchase under these terms....No additional charges are added !

21st July I again started a fairly heavy duty medical treatment. It can be time consuming and the side effects may impinge upon my getting post out....all is well at present; this is just a heads up !

Look in on my Mons’ social media pages Twitter, Face Book & Instagram. 

Best regards, Richard.

Latest News

Latest WW2 Germanic listings.

I have always been cautions as to were I have bought in WW2 German related items due to the amount of copies related to this type of collectable.

I have within the last 10 months been fortunate enough to touch base with an American ‘lad’ that buyers war souvenirs via local news paper adds etc in the United States.

He now deals in the main with veterans families, rather than the veterans themselves due to their age.

He buys in ‘mixed batches’ of all untouched, new to the market Third Reich war related ‘booty’.

I’m fortunate enough to buy in some of it........here listed.

Social Media

Direct links on my social media ‘Home’ pages (Twitter, Face Book and Instagram) now fully work, and will connect you directly with this web site.

I use SM on occasions to give a heads up regarding forth-coming listings.

Please realise that 99.9% of my listings are ‘one-off’; when they are sold......’they are sold’.

Mons Military Antiques :- For the discerning, advanced & novice collector !

                                                                          As we move forward into 2021

Good listings to come (and plenty of them), ‘as I press forward’ into 2020 was my aim. Covid 19 (and to a degree my own health issue side effects) scuppered this. Now ‘we’ owe it to ourselves to pick up from the point we were forced into ‘isolation’.

Said promised listings are now being made !

Collectors visiting Mons’ on-line shop can view/buy items from many of the major nations contributing to 20th century (1914 – 1945) world conflict. Viewers will find, especially, good quality original WW1 & WW2 British militaria of most types, along with European and World items well represented in most sales categories. Take a quick look at the sales categories page to see the types of item stocked, along with the ‘Previously Sold ‘ page to see ‘what Mons’ does’.

With over 45 years experience as a collector and now nearly 30 years trading as Mons Military Antiques, I specialise, as my trading name might suggest in WW1 British militaria & personal equipment of most types.

Attending militaria fairs as a site promoter/exhibitor and on occasions a visitor only, affords me the opportunity to meet new & old site viewers/buyers alike.

I’m always pleased to buy/part exchange surplus to collection items for stock, so feel free to mention in person or via my site, items you might wish to ‘move on’ (see my terms page on offering items and buying in procedure).

New listings on Mons’ site are carried out on a perpetual, un-announced basis, with single or groups of ‘like’ items listed regularly.

Mons Military Antiques only handles items in terms of their historic / collector interest, in two words ‘military antiques’. I do not countenance or expound political ideologies, ethnic, social, national or emotive affiliations on any item offered for sale, I purvey ‘moments in time’ only !