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Stop press!

Listings to come.

I hope over the next week too ten days list some items of 1908 webbing and 1914 leather equipment.

Latest News


Direct links on my social media ‘Home’ pages (Twitter, Face Book and Instagram) now fully work, and will connect you directly with this web site, from the social media page you are viewing.

I use SM on occasions to give a heads up regarding forth-coming listings. (Some enterprising souls are using these ‘heads ups’ to ask the price of an item before its listed and have secured the item....so well worth a look at my SM pages ?!)

Just an interesting ‘note’....Now that my ‘new site’ is Google ‘compliant’ its easier for site viewers to pick up on new listings of specific interest, when making a search. This I can confirm as my new site statistics are now far exceeding those of my old site, with the new site generating its own ‘internet traffic’ rather than just that of the old site directory.

                                                                             NEW WEB SITE

I have now had my new website up and running for just about eight months now. 

During 2020, I hope to move forward with it, with good listings made on a fairly regular basis.

(Please also realise that 99.9% of my listings are ‘one-off’; when they are sold......’they are sold’).

Mons Military Antiques :- For the discerning, advanced & novice collector !

GENERAL NOTICE. Please do read this:- Thanks to every one and their understanding in giving ‘latitudes’ while I’m juggling my NHS after care around ‘work’. My fourth round of surgeries (late Dec. 2019) has (like before) been quite debilitating; but for the general good. Hospital appointments (call backs etc) are still on-going. I’m steadily trying to get back to fitness, and managing to get more ‘stuff’ listed. I’d hope I can increase listings at a steady pace from here on !

Good listings to come (and plenty of them), as I ‘press forward’ in 2020.

A little story:-

After a awful experience with a buy that truly messed me about, and telling him in plain (un-offensive) language that I cannot do ‘business in this manner’, I’m branded (by him) as un-professional. This collecting ‘lark’ is very easy; see an item you like, here or else-where, reserve it, pay for it, get it sent onto you. Reserve and pay and then want some money back (being asked to hold onto the original order made with me), to spend else where, is not really how its done....If not being prepared to do business in this manner makes me un-professional, then I suppose I am.

Clothing/equipment sizes.

I have to reiterate here that I do not sell items for actual wear, and as such will not involve myself with size requests. See my terms for a fuller description. Buyers wishing items to wear should contact an outfitters.

Visitors to my new on-line shop can view and are able to buy items from many of the major nations contributing to 20th century (1914 – 1945) world conflict. Viewers will find, good quality WW1 & WW2 British militaria of most types, with a wide selection of items from major European and World protagonists represented in most sales categories. Site sales listing subject matters cover, Aviation, Field Equipment, Uniform & Headwear, Badge & Formation Sign, Ephemera, Document & Photograph related items….and more.

With over 40 years experience as a collector and now over 25 years trading as Mons Military Antiques, I specialise, as my trading name might suggest in WW1 British militaria & personal equipment of most types. I also offer when available one of the best/historically researched ranges of pre-WW2 British Fascist & Communist Party related artefacts & ephemera.

Attending regularly militaria fairs as a site promoter/exhibitor and on occasions a visitor only, affords me the opportunity to meet new & old site viewers/buyers alike, with a chance to discuss our hobby !

I’m always pleased to buy/part exchange surplus to collection items for stock, so feel free to mention in person or via my site, items you might wish to ‘move on’ (see my terms page on offering items).

New listings on Mons’ site are carried out on a perpetual, un-announced basis, with single or groups of ‘like’ items listed regularly.

Mons Military Antiques only handles items in terms of their historic / collector interest, in two words ‘military antiques’. I do not countenance or expound political, ethnic, social, national or emotive affiliations on any item offered for sale, I purvey ‘moments in time’ only !