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IMPORTANT:- Please read this.

UK Covid 19 & General daily up-date 09/07/20

UK Government Covid restrictions on movement and personal interaction are being ‘partially lifted’ within the UK, too nearer pre-pandemic levels (um). With this development, post activity in general, including overseas post is returning to the ‘new normality’; overseas post is still suffering ‘some delays’.


Firstly, thanks for the orders that have/are coming in. I am doing my utmost to get them ‘out’ as soon as is practically/safe (to me) to do so. Over the past ‘days’ I have been particularly stricken with my NHS treatment side effects and as such post output has suffered. My appreciation goes out to those that have made orders and shown superb patience with me in getting your item ‘out to you’.

Next post out, when possible’ (I’ve been up to my ears in hospital appointments lately, so can, because of this, get behind with post)......All due post as of this date is dispatched.

Post is dispatched every 7 - 10 days with inland post working ‘pretty well’ with I understand only minor delays.

Overseas post is improving all the time and I’m happy to now dispatch as an order is made, (within the parameters I have mentioned related to me personally). Any dispatched overseas parcel will in all cases be followed up with an e-mail to the buyer, giving postal details. To conclude on the matter of post and any delay, be aware said delays are BEYOND MY CONTROL. I’m doing my best in (world) difficult circumstances to keep ’everyone happy’.

General Covid, Mons’ operation info.

Sorry for the lack of new listings over the past few weeks, this has been a reflection of my fitness vis-a-vis my side effects....Hope to now get a few done over the coming weeks.

I ‘ain't’ going to go on about my own medical condition, but given current ‘health care’ issues I have to make ‘it’ clear in relation to Mons’ working practices. Many are aware that I personally am undergoing an NHS immunotherapy treatment, placing me in the ‘first line’ of ‘at risk persons’ regarding the Covid 19 issue and all it brings,. (I’m OK and well, but suffering side effects which at times are very debilitating). I am still strongly advised by my specialists and government agencies (despite the lifting of movement restrictions) at present to social distance and not ‘gather in numbers’, and to be extremely mindful that Covid is still with us and a danger to me personally. With this in mind I have to still limit my interaction with the public, this affects post.


I must say a thank you to the band of people (you know who you are) checking in via message and telephone to see how I am, and wish me well. I’m fine but must admit my side effects have ‘beaten me up’ a tad. Thank you guys, its very up lifting. 

Mons’ has plenty of stock and will list at a ‘slow steady pace’. Sales of items not listed carry on as ever.

Exceptional times, with sadly all the problems that go with it.

Keep in touch guys and gals, I’m on social media. Stay safe and look after one another. People/loved ones are of paramount importance.

Best regards and thanks again,  Richard

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Mons Military Antiques :- For the discerning, advanced & novice collector !

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Visitors to my new on-line shop can view and are able to buy items from many of the major nations contributing to 20th century (1914 – 1945) world conflict. Viewers will find, good quality WW1 & WW2 British militaria of most types, with a wide selection of items from major European and World protagonists represented in most sales categories. Site sales listing subject matters cover, Aviation, Field Equipment, Uniform & Headwear, Badge & Formation Sign, Ephemera, Document & Photograph related items….and more.

With over 40 years experience as a collector and now over 25 years trading as Mons Military Antiques, I specialise, as my trading name might suggest in WW1 British militaria & personal equipment of most types. I also offer when available one of the best/historically researched ranges of pre-WW2 British Fascist & Communist Party related artefacts & ephemera.

Attending regularly militaria fairs as a site promoter/exhibitor and on occasions a visitor only, affords me the opportunity to meet new & old site viewers/buyers alike, with a chance to discuss our hobby !

I’m always pleased to buy/part exchange surplus to collection items for stock, so feel free to mention in person or via my site, items you might wish to ‘move on’ (see my terms page on offering items).

New listings on Mons’ site are carried out on a perpetual, un-announced basis, with single or groups of ‘like’ items listed regularly.

Mons Military Antiques only handles items in terms of their historic / collector interest, in two words ‘military antiques’. I do not countenance or expound political, ethnic, social, national or emotive affiliations on any item offered for sale, I purvey ‘moments in time’ only !