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A stunning 'been there', officer quality floppy 'trench cap'.
This cap 'oozes character' if you will pardon the theatrical description.
Whip cord material, with no cap stiffening of any kind. Narrow leather chin band as is correct for the vintage held in situe by two bronze G.S. Buttons.
Heavy bronze Tank Corps Cap badge is held in place by two fitting blades. (What inspection I can make shows no evidence of multiple fitting holes where the badge is fitted).
The cap is with period, none to careful period repairs to the peak, badge area and the leather head band.
The cap has no 'shape' what-so-ever when placed on a flat surface, but comes to life when displayed on a mannequin form, when it can then be truly appreciated for what it is !
Only the second officer 'true' 'trench style' cap as it was known, I have ever been in a position to offer for sale in 25 years.
A stunning item !

Tank Corps, tank commanders favoured this style of 'floppy' cap, as it was reasonably wearable within the confines of a tank.
The more upright, stiff caps of the vintage were not a practicable form of head wear for tank commanders within the machine confines.
Most 'trench caps' either other ranks or officer, were working caps, and as such they have a very lived in appearance....The more wear the more lived in they look!

This is a SOLD Item.
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