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I think its fair to say that this is no masterpiece, but none-the-less a very nice period amateur artist water colour of a Canadian nurse from the No. 7 Canadian Stationary Hospital.
Well executed, and best described as a ‘delightful work’.
To the reverse are various signatures of nurses serving with the unit, all signed in ink.
Their is some chipping to the period frame ‘filigree’ work.
Sadly the work appears to be unsigned....
Original WW1 Art-Works are now becoming very sought after, because of their affordability.

(No. 7 Canadian Stationary Hospital was organized by Dalhousie University. Dalhousie initially sought federal authority to establish a Casualty Clearing Station but in September 1915 the university received authorisation for a Stationary hospital.
The unit, comprising 17 officers, 26 nursing sisters and 173 NCOs and men.
By the wars end, the Dalhousie unit had treated 60,000 sick and wounded troops, 50,000 in France and the remainder in England.
Twelve members of the unit were killed in action during the war).

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