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A recently attic found pair of photograph albums, compiled by a WW1 Royal Army Medical Corps (Dental) officer detail ‘his’ war in the desert.
The albums are untouched and as compiled
Their is a mix of the post war related photographs within the collection, in the main presented in the larger of the two albums (not photographed here).
Both albums are a very good representation of what the officer encountered during his service in the desert.
A profuse amount of images, many of which are detailed showing the officer in his own activity as a medical officer, to include field hospitals and hospital trains (including a medical camel train), Turkish POW’s (with a couple of images of German allies of the Turks taken as prisoners). The officer at rest (to include images of every day Egyptian civilian life), images in the field’ some of which are in conjunction with tank activity.
To be truly appreciated the albums need to be viewed; this said the images here are a good over view of the albums as a whole with many more images not shown.
ALL the images are un-published, privately taken photographs. This is the first time this album has come onto the market and as such all images are unique.
A superb pair of items, of considerable interest, especially to a student of the Great War desert campaign.

(Nearly 300 photographs, of various sizes, dealing with the desert and desert campaign, plus the civilian post WW1 images).

This is a SOLD Item.
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