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Recently attic found by a veterans son, a superb untouched M42 single decal army (Heer) steel field service helmet.
This helmet is untouched in any way from the time it was taken.
The shell is in dent and damage free condition with 90% plus of its original field grey finish remaining. The underside rim is to its centre reverse marked ‘24 4’ and to left inner flank ‘??66’ (the first two markings are in distinct).
The exterior left flank is with an army decal which is in matching condition to the shells exterior finish, being 90% present with what is missing being service wear use.
The liner is complete and again untouched, but in this instance as suffered a little from the environment in which it has been storied.....the leather work has dried out and is in need of treatment.
One of the liner leather ‘fingers has the end torn but is still present on the original tie cord.
The chin strap is present, but broken due to drying.
The helmet is wearer named to the liner right flank, in what appears to be pencil......this is very faint and needs very careful studying to determine exactly what is detailed.
A truly stunning helmet in absolute untouched condition.
(I have quickly searched the net for a similar condition helmet and been unable to find an example to compare).

This is a SOLD Item.
It is currently on view in Mons Military Antiques ‘Archive Pages’ of previously stocked and sold items....For items currently on sale from Mons’ go to the ‘On-Line Shop’ pages !