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A rare example of the WW2 produced hybrid Royal Flying Corps brevet intended for use on WW2 uniform by those qualified in WW1 as an RFC pilot.
The service most associated with this brevet is the Home Guard.
An RFC piece of insignia looking very much like its later RAF counter part, giving it in my opinion an ‘odd’ appearance.
Excellent damage an d moth free condition, being probably un-worn/ un-issued.
Reverse with heavy calico cotton backing paper, with an attached what appears to be reference code rather than price tag.
A rare item.

(Few WW2 brevet produces, produced what were in effect replicas of WW1 RFC pilot brevets.
Those manufacturers producing such brevets, created a mix, in terms of its manufacture and overall appearance of a brevet that had a very distinct 'look'.
These were produced and officially sanctioned for wear by such qualified WW1 pilots serving with uniformed home front services, namely the Home Guard.
WW2 produced items are infinitely rarer than their WW1 counterparts.
(Only the third example I have ever owned in 40 years).

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