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A recently found war-bring-back enamel sign for a branch headquarters of the German Labour Front (Deutsche Arbietsfront DAF).
Domed white and black enamel sign with what we expect now to see, enamel chipping to the sign obverse, commensurate with its period use and building removal.
A nice untouched item in relation to any repairs. (The chipping has been treated with a rust stabilising agent to prevent further degeneration).
The obverse enamel chipping is self evident and speaks for itself.
A ‘nice’ moment in time item !

Many Third Reich party buildings of the various ministries were identified with their own enamel entrance sign. Such signs were used in major cities down to smaller towns. The larger offices were locally named, or as in this case a generic multi-local usable item.
The enamel damage to these signs that are now collector items, is attributable to varying reasons:- Being hit by masonry if the area the sign was used in was fought over. Anti-Nazi feeling at the wars end, being pelted with stones etc. or simply due to rough handling when the signs were taken down.
Many signs on being taken down were stored at small engineering works with a view to being recycled....some survived as souvenirs by occupying troops or local residents....

This is a SOLD Item.
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