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An extremely rare aircrew survival kit, for use when isolated either at sea or on land.
This item has never been opened and still has its original outer cover central sealing tape still present (it is now a little fragile).
Two stage early plastic container, now with a little age distortion containing survival aids, such as water purification tablets, sweets, water collection bag, compass etc.
As mentioned the out plastic case has suffered some age distortion, with the inner container also with distortion but to a much, much lesser degree. The content has ‘sweated’ slightly, discolouring the content.
Content is complete and undisturbed, but has suffered slight age degeneration.
Exterior with CC No. and marked 'MARK III' (see images).
This is only the third complete survival pack I have handled in over 35 years.
A very rare item in this complete condition.

WANTED:- Air-Crew, S.O.E. & MI9 escape and evasion related items !

This is a SOLD Item.
It is currently on view in Mons Military Antiques ‘Archive Pages’ of previously stocked and sold items....For items currently on sale from Mons’ go to the ‘On-Line Shop’ pages !