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An extremely rare Army paratrooper qualification badge…instituted for the ‘New German Army’ September 1937.
Due to the scarcity of this badge I have made an extensive research / comparison of known original examples and studied known accepted text to validate its originality before listing.
The two toned finish when now viewed from the obverse is now difficult to determine. The wreath and eagle are now of a similar appearance. When viewed from the reverse the eagle has its original silver finish partially remaining with evidence of the gilt wreath present to low points of the badge both obverse and reverse.
As is correct there is no maker details .
The eagle is held to the wreath in the correct place and manner by two small ‘domed’ rivets, with the eagle still firmly attached to the wreath.
Thick needle pin fitting with correct hinge and hook assembly.
Excellent untouched / uncleaned condition !

This is a SOLD Item.
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