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A superb condition NSDAP political leaders cap as worn with 3rd pattern political leader insignia 1934-38. Ortsgruppen service level with blue piping, silver chin cords, silver fitting buttons and central swastika cockade only.
Condition is pristine throughout with only light service wear. Cap is complete moth free, and clean throughout.
Interior of the cap matches the exterior for condition and wear. Central celluloid plain diamond is present and in damage free condition.
RZM label present under the cap head band.
One small area of cracking to the head band where to peak is attached to the cap body.
Size, would best be described as small and in keeping with the vintage.
Would be hard to better for condition.

(Fourth patten insignia caps from the summer of 1939 onward carried the addition of a central gilt oak leaf surround to the central swastika cockade).

This is a SOLD Item.
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