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A nice untouched ephemera grouping in the form of a Wehrpass, driving notice with the declaration that the barer is None-Jewish.
I'll detail the pass in the form of translations as they appear.
The barer was born 29 / 10 / 10 and was from the Berlin - Charlottenburg district.
The Wehrpass was issued 5 / 12 / 1936.
Driver / Military Service Class 3 - 2.
Barer attended army gas school and grenade launcher course and was promoted Ober-Feldwebel 1 / 2 / 44 with service in Poland, France and Russia on the eastern front; Pioneer - Signals - Panzerjager Regts.
Service with Ost. Komp. 435, Ost Battalion 441

Awarded the war merit cross II class with swords, Russian front medal, and the entry into Austria medal.

1 / Ost Battalion 441 roll number 2
Western Front D Day service :-
19 Jan 1944 transferred from the eastern front to Normandy and re-assigned to 7th Army 19 March 19144....Bayeux area under 352 Inf. Div. / 7 Army.
6th June 1944 deployed in the Meuvolnes / Courseulles-sur-Mer sector immediately behind the beach defence companies of the Gren. Regt. 736, facing the British 50th and Canadian 3rd Divisions as they landed on D Day.
June 1944 the barer fought with distinction around Caen following the D-Day landings, possibly while attached to 716th Inf Div.
By June 22nd the battalion had been reduced to just 200 men, and shortly after this it was officially declared destroyed and disbanded.

(The last ref. material is taken from & credited to Axis History 'Ost-Truppen Units of the Wehrmacht').

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