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One of the true rarities within the 'range' of WW1 British collectables, being the tank crew protective leather crash helmet, yet an item, for varying reasons not a success in its day.
A superb, complete, example of the leather protective crash helmet as used by the crew members of the 'new' Mk 5 British tank.
Four leather panels held together by steel rivets, complete with its head liner and rarely encountered chin strap. (The chin strap leather is with fragility and needs to be handled with the utmost care).
All elements of the helmet are present and in damage free condition. No maker or issue markings which is correct for this item.
The helmet leather is firm, with a certain amount of age hardening. (The helmet has been in a collection for many years with the past owner aware that the leather needed to be cared for. As such it has been over the years been treated with a 'neutral' leather treatment to maintain the leathers integrity).
A fine example of this extremely rare WW1 collectable, issued, to what was in WW1 a 'special force'.

The leather British tank helmet never really caught on for wear by its respective intended uses.
It was considered cumbersome, and while offering limited protection from head injury within the tank, was also very hot to wear within the confines of the noisy machine while in use.
Also against it, was its profile, which from a distance looked like the German steel helmet.

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