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I have more / revised information on this tunic, courtesy of a learned friend of mine. Ted has helped me in the past with 'nutty' problems regarding issues that I have been unsure of.....I heartily thank him again.
21st Div shoulder flashes were apparently quite narrow unlike the markings on this tunic.
Army Orders of 1917 stated that 'Signallers' within their respective units were to wear blue inserts within their shoulder straps to denote this trade qualification, therefore this is a signallers tunic within a R.G.A. Battery.

A very nice, late / end of war used 1902 pattern tunic, as worn by a Lance Bombardier in the Royal Garrison Artillery, serving as not only a gunner but Battery Signaller.
The tunic has light honest wear, and is in excellent condition, now considering its age of approximately 100 years.
The tunic is mostly wear and damage free, with a couple of period repairs to the tunic reverse.
Interior and exterior with matching wear, with the interior white lining re-enforcing seams and pockets now grubby. Shell dressing pocket is un-used and still stitched closed. Area on inside right breast pocket were paper issue label was present is quite easily visible.
Exterior, again is in the main moth free and in good strong condition, with all matching G.S buttons.
Tunic insignia consists of L.B. rank stripes, three blue O.S. Chevrons (1915 onward), a single wound stripe, 1914-15 star ribbon to the left breast, Blue Battery Signaller shoulder strap qualification signs, surmounted by R.G.A. matching brass titles.
Size in keeping with builds of the vintage.
A good untouched tunic representing this late period of the war.

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