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A rare pair of WW1 / late war - early 1920's vintage other ranks boots that are NOT of the standard three patterns used during WW1.
This pair can best be described as a 'mixture' of the early war pattern 'galosh' and the standard 'B5'.
Boots are in very good condition (considering the prolonged storage) and are complete and damage free.
The upper is with some age hardening, but with attention with leather / hide food would soften. The sole is with the most age hardening and leather shrinkage especially to the heel.
All metal fittings and studs are present and are arranged in the typical British army field pattern.
I can find NO markings at all, not even a size indicator (I estimate UK 7 - 8).
The outer leather is rough suede with the pattern to the inner as is common to the B5 pattern boot
Newly found and as such new too the market.
Display well on a mannequin form when worn in conjunction with puttees.

This is a SOLD Item.
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