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A stunning image of British / Commonwealth beach landings at the height of the 'D. Day' assault.
Image shows troops coming ashore from row upon row of landing craft (in the back-ground) with the injured being assisted by medical staff and fellow comrades.
The image has everything a 'Press-man' wants in an expressive image, foreground, centre and hinter ground perspectives. The foreground of the two men moving toward the camera is with period censorship, with the man on the right having his shoulder uniform insignia obliterated.
Excellent damage free image with the 'usual' edge 'creases / knocks'.
Reverse with information 'flimsy'.
A stunning 'moment in time', image first published in the Sunday Express of 18th June 1944.

(The milky / shinny effect in this image is just reflection of my own photograph of it. The image is clear and mark free when viewed 'in the flesh').

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