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A small ephemera grouping to a Pioneer Corps casualty killed / died of wounds 7/8 June 1944.
The grouping consists of the original letters sent home to his wife detailing his loss on 'D' plus 1/2.
Most interestingly their is a hand written plain post card detailing the casualties duties / instructions immediately on landing ashore.
The casualty in question was detailed to work as a stretcher bearer.
Accompanying the paper work reporting his death is a birth certificate, four British seaside cards written in the 1920's addressed to what was to become his wife and a more formal sentimental small card contained in its envelope.
Their is also an early photograph of the casualties 'place of rest' at the Hermanville Beach Cemetery.

The Hermanville Cemetery has many casualties that lost their lives on the initial beach landings for 'D Day'....It is directly in land from beach landing area.

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