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Where to begin to describe this item ?
This item, is what is commonly referred to today by collectors as the 1905 pattern stiff cap !
Sadly it has been stored in a cellar 'badly' for many years allowing much moth damage to the khaki covering and in some cases to the cap body.
Had this cap been stored well it would indeed be a first class, rare collectable.
However as said their is extensive moth throughout the wool covering and to the cap crown a couple of holes where the moth have really 'gnawed away'.
As a positive their is a very good clear maker marking and date detail 1916 to the inner cap oil skin crown.
They leather chin strap is present and held in place by two nice period leather GS cap buttons.
Cap is devoid of its cap badge which appears to have been fitted to the cap via a badge slider.
Small peak with green underside.
The archetypal early war stiff cap, now a very rare item to find.

This is a SOLD Item.
It is currently on view in Mons Military Antiques ‘Archive Pages’ of previously stocked and sold items....For items currently on sale from Mons’ go to the ‘On-Line Shop’ pages !