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An outstanding condition field service helmet, with approx 95% plus of its original textured khaki green paint finish remaining, and with a painted ‘White Ace of Spades’ formation sign to one side (See note below).
All the internal fittings are present and in good handle-able condition.
The liner upper cushion pad is complete and in excellent moth free condition.
Helmet shell is dent and damage free, with minor areas of rusting and paint scuffing.
Chin strap is in matching condition, being pliable and handle-able
Helmet liner is with a good clear Brodie stamping
A hard to find helmet in this condition with an untouched original painted formation sign.

Note on the formation sign:- First World War British formation signs sadly were not comprehensively collated at the wars end, despite the efforts of the Imperial war Museum to do so. Units failed to submit details of many signs worn and as such there are large gaps of lost information on such signs.
This white ‘Ace of Spades’ sadly appears to be just such a sign. London Regiments wore the ace of spades in varying colours on their helmets and tunics and the 141st Brigade of the 47th Division wore the ‘deck of cards’ symbols in yellow red and green. Therefore sadly I cannot definitively identify this sign. (Any reader information would be gladly received).

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