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An untouched khaki first pattern R.A.F. Officer service dress cap.
Cap shows honest 'field' use, with the interior being a little grubby. Exterior khaki top is with some moth damage (due to adverse storage....)and a period repair immediately above the cap badge.
The cap badge is in excellent bright condition and has thankfully not suffered mothing as the cap crown has. The cap badge is the slightly later pattern with high relief, but of a none metal backing plate type.
Black peak and chin band with some age crazing., and 'dulling'.
Interior with a good cloth 'maker diamond'.
The black centre band is with wear and is stitched into position as in the cap badge.
Excellent overall appearance that displays well on a manaquine form.

WANTED:- Early RAF, RFC, and RNAS items. Most items considered !

This is a SOLD Item.
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