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A small ephemera grouping related to Gauleiter Josef Burckel and a 1941 war casualty.
The four page headed and embossed Gauleiter letter from Josef Burckel is an acknowledgment to the casualties wife of his sacrifice to the cause and the gratitude of the party and people of the Reich.
The top left corner is embossed with the party eagle and headed with the Gauleiter name and office. It is ink signed, with a good clear signature, from the office of the Gauleiter for Saarbrucken 10th September 1941.
The other items in the grouping are a letter from the casualties company commander detailing his death; with the other two items being notes accompanying the casualties effects to his wife.

Gauleiter Josef Burckel held a number of high ranking offices within the Nazi Party notably the office of Gauleiter for Gau Saarpfalz (Renamed Gau Westmark) from 1935 - 44. He also held the rank of Gauleiter for Vienna from 1939 - 40.
Something of a moderate Nazi, Burckel was appalled at anti-Semitic measures taken against the Jews of Austria and their property during the Anschluss and actually started criminal proceedings against fellow Nazi's involved in the looting of Jewish property.
Party pressures however prevailed and he was complicit in the deportation of Jews to the un-occupied parts of France in 1940.
Burckel committed suicide on Sept. 28 1944 after a premature evacuation from the city of Metz, fearing consequences from higher party offices !

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