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A rare opportunity for those interested, to purchase a field used homogenous set of period '14 leather field equipment.
Due to the size and number of components in this listing, this is not an easy item to describe (or photograph) without making the description tedious and boring….This said I will give a good overview of the set; detail any visible faults and give an overall assessment of overall condition.
Any serious buyer wishing further reasonable information….This I will be happy to supply ! Please bare in mind extra requested images will show no more detail really, than that shown.
This item is infinitely better when viewed in 'the flesh'…. than any description can convey via photographs or text.
It is from a larger collection of items that was originally started in the 1950’s and is now being slowly down sized due to the owners advancing years.
I’ve been privileged enough to be the sole buyer of batches of items as they are being ‘sold off’.

The set is ’properly field used’ with most items now appearing black in colour due to said field use (dirt, grease, oil).
Much of the grained finish is worn smooth due again to said use.
The set consists of all items bar the two packs.
One shoulder strap is with a salvage corps repair and the shovel head carrier is now with a cut to the leather to the outside as viewed.
The leather is in the main supple and the set is most certainly handle-able, but should obviously be treated with care due to its age.
Maker marks and dates where present are faint and hard to decipher.
There are some areas of fragility to the leather, leather shrinkage and stretching where the item has been displayed for many years (it has sat for approximately 40 years on an infantry mannequin display).
The helve holder and bayonet frog (original period WW1 items) were added to the set in the 1970’s and as such look ’slightly newer‘.
I have seen the set displayed in situe on a mannequin dummy and it looks stunning, with it and the commensurate uniform it was displayed with, in similar matching condition.
This is only the third set of what can honestly be described as an homogenous, rather than a made up set of ’14 leather equipment I have ever encountered.
This is a stunning item despite its faults, of a ‘been their & done it’ item’ !!

This is a SOLD Item.
It is currently on view in Mons Military Antiques ‘Archive Pages’ of previously stocked and sold items....For items currently on sale from Mons’ go to the ‘On-Line Shop’ pages !