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A very nice small hallmarked silver cigarette case (typical of the period and sized for the type of cigarette sold at the time) with engraved lid.
Engraving reads ‘ “B” Section “M” A.A. Battery 1917 ‘ Interior with silver hall mark to both halves of the case, and maker / supplier details ‘Shepheard & Co. 104 Regent St W. ’ The elasticated strap to hold the cigarettes in place is absent.
‘M’ (Marine) in conjunction with AA (Anti Aircraft) in most cases refers to a coastal / inland water way anti aircraft batteries. In most cases during WW1 these duties fell to the R.N.V.R.
I make the assumption that the engraving on the case lid is a greatly reduced in size ’Title’ of the battery, giving a fore-shortened / abbreviated version of it.
Denting to the case lid due to use.
Again a nice officer pocket item !

(Examples of the type of target ‘defended’ by Marine Batteries / R.N.V.R. Batteries in the S.E of England would have been Whitehall Buildings, Thames Docks, Woolwich Arsenal, inland water-way storage and transport targets and the task of Anti-Zeppelin / heavy bomber raiding).

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