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A field used, WW1, 1902 pattern other ranks Canadian service dress tunic, now tailored with a single high neck collar.
Tunic shows honest service use, with field stitching repairs to the under arms, and with a repair patch expertly attached to the lower left sleeve.
Tunic is with wear throughout with minor holing at various points over the tunic.
The collar, again has been expertly tailored to form a single, rather than fold down collar, with the collar lined. Belt hooks removed.
Standard, mid - late war produced tunic, fitted with Canadian Infantry buttons to the face of the tunic, pockets and shoulder straps.
Canada shoulder titles with C.G.A. (Canadian Garrison Artillery) above the Canada tiles. (These are the only tiles ever attached, there are no additional puncture holes, showing that the tunic has been re-badged or re-issued).
To the collar, correct maple leaf artillery (overseas) collar badges.
The tunic appears to have never had any form of stitch on or added uniform insignia.
White calico lining material to seam edges and field dressing pocket (which is still closed) and buff heavy cotton pockets.
Right inner breast seam ’calico’ with indelible pencil naming, which is faint to read.
Interior is grubby and as such matches the exterior.
Remains of the paper issue label is present to the tunic interior.
Tunic size is in keeping with other Canadian tunics I have encountered with height of the wearer above average to a similar British tunic.
Excellent overall condition with service and storage wear in keeping with its vintage….A nice untouched item !

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