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A very, very nice British 1907 hooked quillion bayonet, scabbard, helve handle and ’14 leather bayonet frog and helve holder.
All items of the assembly are in excellent damage free condition.
Bayonet is with good issue and maker markings. Bayonet scabbard is with good clear issue markings and WD broad arrow issue marking.
The ‘14 leather equipment fittings are in supple serviceable condition and appear to be un-marked or issue stamped.
Helve handle in good clean damage free condition.
Bayonet blade is clean and in rust free condition.
A very nice assembly, typical the period !
(This is a British made Australian Forces accepted / used item).

This is a SOLD Item.
It is currently on view in Mons Military Antiques ‘Archive Pages’ of previously stocked and sold items....For items currently on sale from Mons’ go to the ‘On-Line Shop’ pages !