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An outstanding condition Mauser M1898/05 saw back bayonet with leather belt frog and trodle knot
Bayonet & scabbard have been well cared for and are clean and rust free. Wooden grip is in matching clean condition.
Leather frog is in exceptional condition with a regimental knot attached.
Frog is with a good clear 1915 date mark with maker details ‘Hans Romer of Ulm’ adjacent to it.
The knot is grubby and with some age fraying.
Overall all items match one another for wear and it would be a fair assumption that this was used for parade ground rather than field use.
Good clear maker details to blade hilt (see images).
The rifle release button is a little lazy and does not return fully to rest. This may be due to a small obstruction.
Such saw back bayonets were used by pioneers and later machine gunners as a ground tool….It was never intended as a sinister form of edged assault weapon.
Condition would be hard to beat.

This is a SOLD Item.
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