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A used / issued, Red Cross Prisoner of War food parcel box.
Issued by the British Red Cross Society (Scottish Branch) and sent via the Swiss International Committee to prisoners held in enemy territory.
The content would have contained food products, cigarettes, confectionary and small items of clothing (knitted socks, gloves etc) intended to supplement the food and clothing ration as issued to POW by Axis forces.
The box is in good untouched condition with slight age staining, and would best be described as excellent damage free condition.
In it are a couple of sheets of period news paper (see images).
To the bottom right corner of the box when viewed is a dispatch stamp dated 1944, also showing from where it was issued (Perth see images).

Such items were sent to all ranks and all branches of service.

An item of some rarity, as it was not intended for longevity.

WANTED:- P.O.W. related items for both WW1 & WW2 !

This is a SOLD Item.
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