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A superb (1914 manufactured), French army trench sniper plate.
Used from the early stages of the war to protect snipers in a concealed position from incoming enemy fire.
Later used on trench parapets openly and in a concealed manner so as to not give the snipers position away.
Heavy armoured steel plating with ‘cut-out’ rifle positioning loop.
Some original exterior paint remaining and marked with a white cross to the ’interior’ to show its position in the dark.
Good clear maker marks and date stamping 1914 to the feet.
This item of equipment was intended for use by a ‘right handed’ rifleman.
It was manufactured to be free standing, but added stability could be given by driving securing steaks through the holes in the feet.
This is a very rare item, especially in this condition. This is NOT a battle field rusty relic as most sniper plates are....Excellent overall condition for its age and considering how and where it was used.

This is a SOLD Item.
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