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A small, what could best be described as 'a bunch’ of ‘Window’ radar jamming strips as dropped from allied aeroplanes on bombing raids to confuse and jam enemy radar installations.
The original idea was formed by Gerald Touch, who was working with Robert Watson-Watt on the development of the British radar programme.
Simply, it’s the dropping of metallic ‘strips’ to give false radar readings. The German air-force had their own version of this anti-radar device.
This bundle is wrapped in old / vintage paper, but I am not sure if this is how each bundle was wrapped originally.
Interestingly, this item was purchased from a family with a few other RAF related items. The original ‘owner’ was a ground force worker for the RAF. As far as the family can remember it was brought home and used as part of their Christmas tree decoration. They were not aware of its ‘real’ use……So much for British wartime weapons security.
(‘Window’ was later to become named ‘Chaff’).
A rare item !

This is a SOLD Item.
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