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An excellent condition Wolseley tropical service helmet as used by a member of the 2nd Armoured Car Company of the Tank Corps.
Helmet body is in stunning undamaged condition showing honest field service use.
Khaki body is grubby and with some staining due to use. Pugaree band in matching condition with Tri-coloured (Green, Red, Brown) pugaree flash with the Company number (2) the flash centre.
Some moth to the wool, coloured flash.
Interior in matching used condition, with maker details to the leather head band.
Leather chin strap absent as is common with field used head-wear of this type.
A truly superb, untouched helmet, to a very famous, small post war raised unit.

2nd Armoured Car Company, Tank Corps, brief unit history.
At the end of hostilities in 1918, demobilisation and disbandment of various regiments and war raised units threatened the very existence of the Tank Corps.
One visionary of the tank (and armoured warfare) at this time was Colonel J F C Fuller….and with his commitment to the force, the Tank Corps survived the wars end and was ultimately afforded Royal prefix (Royal Tank Corps) in 1924
The 1st and 2nd Armoured Car Company’s formed in 1920 were equipped with converted Rolls Royce cars, of the type successfully used by British lead Arab forces in the desert war of 1914-18
Both company’s were sent to Iraq in March 1920 as a military police, peace keeping force and served for some time in helping to quell rebellion and local anti-British policy.
The 3rd and 4th Company’s were later formed and in-turn sent to Egypt and Palestine; the 5th to China and the 7th and 8th to India.

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