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A very good condition partial uniform grouping to Captain J.L. Williams 1/4th R. Berks Regt.
Grouping consists of a War Department tailored and issued second pattern shoulder rank tunic, with scalloped cuffs, in high quality whip-chord material. OSD bronze facing collar badges and Territorial ‘T’s, with all correct regimental buttons present.
A pair of mess hall trousers.
A pocket watch with engraved reverse ’ Capt J.L. Williams ¼ R. Berks Regt. May 1918’.
A plain un-maker marked trench whistle with inscribed initials.
A wallet containing a photo image of Capt Williams wife.
His leather covered wooden ’swagger’ cane and blue chord pistol lanyard.
Tunic inner sleeve is War Department issue code marked and dated 1918.
Tunic is with a tailor label, but with the issue naming now very, very faint.
All clothing items in very good moth and damage free condition.

This is a SOLD Item.
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