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A superb condition War Department issued, rather than privately tailored field service cap of the ’floppy’ trench style variety.
Made from lighter weight quality W.D. whip-chord khaki material typical of the period, with economy liner devoid of a leather head band.
Overall condition is excellent, showing light field wear, with the interior being slightly grubby due to sweat staining.
Exterior is in stunning moth and damage free condition, complete with its correct narrow leather chin band, held in place by two GS cap buttons.
Interior is with a faint WD issue stamping with adjacent date 1917 (see images).
The cap is now devoid of any cap badge, but has had a cap badge at some time fitted, that obviously had a single blade slider… other ranks quality cap badge !
The ‘floppy’ (without cap stiffeners) style cap, termed a ‘trench’ cap was much favoured by officers for field wear.
The whole demeanour and look of this cap is typical of a War Department produced item, that could very probably have been issued to a ‘lower class’ commissioned officer unable to afford his own uniform on a temporary war commission.
The date of the cap would also corroborate this, as 1917 saw a severe shortage of lower order commissioned officers due to war casualty numbers, thus seeing the need for officers to be drawn from the ‘lower orders’.
(It should be remembered that the class system was rife in UK society during this period....with only ‘ones betters’ from the upper classes being in a position to dictate policy, the direction of the war and when and how you were killed. For those that are interested in the class barrier of this period, the subject is touched upon in many publications, but I personally feel that the subject has best been highlighted, and shown for what it was in the Richard Attenborough 1969 feature film ‘Oh What a Lovely War‘).

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