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An excellent example of a field used Royal Artillery lieutenants cuff ranked tunic that has suffered ‘casualty’ damage to the lower left sleeve.
Tunic is in stunning, field used condition with fading to the khaki exterior, and is with ‘field repairs’ along with the lower cuff edges, edged with brown leather.
The leather to the lower right cuff shows matching wear to the tunic itself. Only a trace of leather edging and rank lace remains to the left sleeve.
All matching R.A. buttons. R.A. collar badges with a ‘fade shadow’ behind said badges in the shape of the collar badges.
To the extreme upper sleeves are red square battalion signs (See note below).
Interior with period liner repairs.
Interior tailor label present, but with tailor and owner details now sadly far to faint to read
The lower left sleeve has suffered catastrophic damage with burn charring, 'staining' and deliberate tearing open of the cuff. It is difficult (and would be fundamentally wrong of me to state without hard evidence) to say if the tunic was worn at the time of the damage as I cannot identify the wearer (to confirm casualty status), but the tearing / staining and possible cutting open of the cuff might well suggest that it was.
The tunic has much character and is in untouched condition.
It displays superbly on a mannequin form.
It has recently been attic found contained in an old suitcase and is totally new to the market.

Formation sign note:- I have made extensive efforts to identify the 'red square' battalion marking without success. (Site viewer's may have information that I have not been able to access and may well be able to help).
The Imperial War Museum in the early 1920’s approached all Regiments and Corps to gather information on the various ‘battle’ insignia worn by any one given formation.
Sadly the Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers responded poorly to the request and as such with the passage of time some of these signs are now no longer identifiable. This patch in this format on this tunic, I feel is sadly one of those lost to time !

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