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A super untouched / un-interfered with late war ‘02 pattern other ranks tunic.
Tunic is generally in excellent condition now given its age !
One small area of moth or more probably wear to the lower left apron front of the tunic, with commensurate wear to the left lower inside pocket liner. Similar wear to the central rear of the tunic.
All matching GS buttons.
Shoulder straps have been punctured once as has the collar with the brass collar and shoulder titles now absent.
Exterior collar front fitted with ‘hooks & eyes’ to close the collar ‘shut’.
Lower right sleeve with two blue overseas service chevrons….No other cloth insignia has been attached or removed, during the tunics ‘life’.
Belt hooks removed, (which is not an un-common feature), with the interior showing signs of period, size tailoring.
A typical tunic of late / end of war vintage, that would have seen the wearer ‘seeing out’ his service and very possibly coming home for demob in.
No naming or unit details. Shell dressing pocket open….
A perfect tunic for the collector wishing to start a mannequin display of the regiment of his choice. (No extra holes need be punctured in the tunic to make up the display, thus not de-valuing the tunic).
I would say that in the past years the tunic has been dry cleaned….This is a positive from the point of view of killing off / negating moth !
Size as ever in keeping with the vintage.

This is a SOLD Item.
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