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A good untouched example of this now very rare piece of WW1 British field equipment.
All components are British manufactured.
Bag is with honest field use and wear with a couple of repaired areas with what appears to be face mask repair material.
Should strap is complete with all fittings, but with matching wear to the bag.
Mask is in good serviceable condition with all fittings present. Exhaust valve as is common long broken off.
Hose is with age hardening and cracking / breakages within the corrugation low points.
Filter canister sound with a couple of arrears of rusting.
In all would score 8/10 (Taking age into consideration).…This type of mask was fragile when new ! After service use and one hundred years storage many are now a shadow of their former selves.
This is a very, very nice displayable mask.

This is a SOLD Item.
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