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A small WW1 archive appertaining to 2Lt. / Lt S.E. Sinclair R.W.Kent Regt. And Machine Gun Corps.
The archive is varied and consists of Lt Sinclair’s named MGC certificate of service 1915-18.
His Prisoner of War pay book headed ‘Offizier-Gefangenenlager Stralsund/Danholm with his POW number and of course name. A POW letter envelope and Red cross POW post card.
2 cheques drawn on Dutch banks dated June and October 1918.
2 Passes one from 3rd Bat R.W. Kent Regt 1917 and the other the M.G.C.1918-19.
An Embarkation Clearance Certificate Murmansk dated 7 Sept. 1919
What appears to be 3 Regimental news letters on full scape paper
Daily orders of the Royal Irish Constabulary Transport Division naming Lt Sinclair, dated Sept 1921.
And a printed sheet of Receiving Deport Orders Grantham dated October 1919.

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