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An unusual / rare victory medal to an RAF officer whose war service mainly consisted of test piloting for the fledgling Air Ministry / RAF.
Standard British victory medal named ‘Lieut. C.G. Davenport R.A.F.’
I have Lt Davenport’s war service papers from the National Archive, detailing his war record.
Served firstly with 3/1 City of London RFA transferring to the RAF. Also details work at the London University as a technical assistant in the manufacture of scientific instruments for aircraft.
The archive papers also list the aircraft types flown and also clearly shows Lt Davenport as a ‘Test Pilot’
BF 2, Sopwith Camel, FE 2B, Bristol Fighter to name but a few of the aircraft types flown / tested.
Lt Davenport was placed on the un-employed list in 1919.
An interesting un-common RAF victory medal.

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