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A superb pair of log books to FO AJ Cooper, of Ferry and Aircraft Delivery Unit Command
F.O. Cooper flew many and varied types of aircraft for Ferry Command / Aircraft Delivery Units during his service.
The logs cover his entire service (including his training / familiarisation May 1941 until the award of his flying badge Sept 1941. At this point P.O. Cooper has now flown 7 types of aircraft to include Blenheim’s and Hurricane’s).
April 1942 see’s P.O. Cooper now flying mainly in the Middle East in a ferry / delivery capacity. The remainder of log book 1 is completely filled with ferry and delivery activity through to August 1945.
The types of aircraft flown at this point in time, now includes Mosquito’s, Sunderland flying boats (as second pilot), Spitfire’s, DC 3’s, Wellingtons and as a passenger in June 1943 a German manufactured JU 52 flown by Sabena Airlines from Lagos - Accra - Takoradi.
2nd log continues on from the first and ends in December 1945.
As is the case with many Ferry pilots, the activity of this pilot can only be described as ‘prolific’ working on secondment on various flights with BOAC, as well as Ferry Command.
Logs complete with many official stampings.

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