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A superb, incredibly rare WW1-1919 pattern other ranks cap badge.
Pale blue heavy silk / thread detail on black velvet padded centre, and blue grey backing material.
(The obverse backing material of the other badges of this type are all black. The backing of this unique badge is in blue grey).
Mint condition. Heavy black cotton canvas backing material.

There is much information / dress regulation missing as to this rare pattern of officer and other ranks uniform, and its associated insignia.
Conjecture is that the colour of pale blue grey was initially chosen as stocks of Imperial Russian Cavalry pale blue grey uniform material was available for the manufacture of the proposed new colour RAF uniform.
It is widely accepted that only officers and some warrant officers wore the new pale blue colours for less than a year, with other ranks uniforms probably never having been issued and the associated other ranks insignia manufactured but never worn….hence the scarcity of other ranks related insignia of this pattern.

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