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An impressive veteran pick up, group of items, to include an official certificate / citation and associated items to Philipp Graf von Westphalen.
This small achieve of items includes an official Reich certificate citation bestowing a Ministerial position without portfolio on Westphalen dated 16 December 1938 and signed by Reich Minister Hermann Goring.
Original black ink Goring signature and facsimile Hitler signature on heavy buff paper. Certificate contained within its own bound, heavy buff card cover, with embossed gilt Reich eagle.
Also with this listing is Westphalen’s hunting certificate and photos of himself in Third Reich and pre Third Reich military uniforms, and a period post card depicting a stately type home.
These items were taken from Von Westphalen’s family residence when it was over run and ransacked by the allies. The award certificate was at the time folded into three and placed in a ‘kit bag’ after being picked up from the floor of the residence. There are ammunition boot marks on the front cover of the item where trodden on before ’liberation’.
The Goring signature is clear and in undamaged condition in a blue / black ink.
von Westphalen was born in 1907, and while serving with the German armed forces was killed in action in 1941.

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