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A superb officially produced Regimental photo album for Luftwaffe L. Abt. (H) (mot.) 7, covering the battalions mobilisation and activities from the out break of the war through the Western Front campaign of 1940.
Meticulously detailed album with the opening page showing via a (time line) map the battalions advance from its position of rest at the out break of hostilities (in the west), to its advance’s through the Low countries and France until the fall of France and the victory on the western front in1940.
Each photograph has an individual caption giving detail of personnel or the subject matter depicted.
Album shows the Battalion at rest, its war time activity (to date), personnel and commanding officers and photographs covering visits from the head of the Luftwaffe Goring and a Fuhrer visit. Also post combat images of the fall of Boulogne, Calais and Dunkirk.
In all nearly 200 photographs all clearly detailed in this professionally bound and presented album with unit details in gold block lettering to its fabric bound covers.
Some wear to the album cover edges, and age staining. Generally, overall very clean damage free condition.

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