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A 1902 pattern other ranks service dress tunic to a private in the ‘Norfolk’ regiment.
Tunic is as usual of a size in keeping with its vintage. Tunic condition is excellent, being moth and damage free, but with evidence of some period seam repairs and minor tailoring.
Brass general service buttons throughout, with a couple of the smaller pocket buttons possibly being period replaced. Period attached 1914-18 War Medal and Victory medal ribbons to upper left breast. To lower left sleeve is a brass wound stripe, good conduct chevron and marks mans crossed rifle qualification badge. Brass ’Norfolk’ titles to both epaulets. Interior of the tunic is with white canvas / cotton lining material. Remains of its paper issue label. Issue stamping is clear and visible being adjacent to the paper label.
The overall condition of the tunic is as stated excellent, and untouched . Tunic shows honest light too moderate service wear. The upper breast pockets are of a slightly different die match to the rest of the tunic indicating it was manufactured from two different roles of serge cloth. (This is not an uncommon feature of service dress tunics of the period.)

This tunic actually features in Peter Doyle and Chris Foster’s book 'British Army Cap Badges of the First World War', page 12, and also in Peter Doyle’s book 'Tommy’s War, British Military Memorabilia, 1914-1918'.

WANTED:- British WW1 officer & other ranks service dress tunics !

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