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An excellent mounted medal grouping to Wireless Operator / Air Gunner Sgt (Later Flt. Lt.) R. G. Holloway. Grouping consists of 19139 45 Star, Africa Star, Air Crew Europe Star, Defence Medal and 1939-45 War Medal 1918 - 62 GSM with two clasps Malaya and Cyprus, and the Malta George Cross 50th Anniversary Commemorative medal in its case of issue.
Sold along with Sgt Holloway’s flight log, which opens early in the war, 1941 with air gunner flight training results and his qualification as ’An Average Air Gunner’. Log continues in 1941 with service at A.G.S and O.T.U. Squadrons and his subsequent posting to 40 Squadron Malta 25/11/41 flying as front gunner in Wellingtons. Sgt Holloway now serves 35 operations from Malta on convoy escort and operations to North Africa, targets to include Tripoli and Benghazi, Italy, Naples and Greece. On several occasions his aircraft was hit by flak fire and on 20/2/42 his aircraft crash landed and was wrecked in the desert, but with all crew safe and unhurt.
Also with this grouping are two superbly kept diaries by Sgt Holloway, detailing his service on Malta and his activities 25/10/41 - 25/5/42 to include enemy attacks on his airfield and some of his operations. The diaries, also give a day to day account of air crew service life and the ‘mundanaties’ that went with it. (The diaries are a truly stunning account of air crew life, adding much to the value of this grouping).
The log continues on after the war and ends in 1951. F/Lt (Reuben George) Holloway retired from the RAF in 1963.
In all this is a well kept and detailed grouping showing WW2 RAF Air Crew service life as it was.
Also with the group are a set of miniature medals, and it should be noted that the main, full size group is mounted incorrectly, but this is as it has been for its entire ‘life‘.

WANTED:- Good Air Crew medal & log book related groupings !

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